The State of this Blog Going Forward

If you’ve stuck with me for any length of time, especially in the last year, you’ll have realized that I am all over the place in terms of posting. My life has honestly been in near constant upheaval since last May (when this all started with me getting my wisdom teeth out) and I haven’t felt like I’ve had time to settle since.

The good news is, I think I’m finally getting things straightened out. The bad news is, this means that I’m looking at a couple of part-time jobs to, hopefully, pull in enough money. What that means for this blog is that I am starting to have the desire to work on it (thanks to getting my anxiety settled and starting to deal with what I now realize is/was depression) – but now I might not have the time. (However, if I want to bad enough, I will make the time.)

This is good news. It might sound kind of mixed – and to a degree it is because how do you people have a thriving blog while working/in school full time? – but what I haven’t had lately is the desire and the inspiration to blog. Now that I have the desire, I just need the inspiration. And as for that…

I am hard at work setting up some awesome posts for June. Even if this blog falls back into defunct territory (which I hope it doesn’t) after next month, I knew I wanted/needed to be active for June. Because June is Pride month and I’ve been promising myself for years I was going to have features on my blog for it. And failed. Epically.

So, I plan on being very active on the blogosphere in June (and hopefully will be taking the time to expand my blog roll) and after that, we will have to see how it goes. Though I am hopeful because I am excited to get back to posting and commenting.

Sci-Fi Month/November Wrap Up

I didn’t actually get as much up this month as I wanted to. It was just a little hectic and, well, when I wasn’t stressing out, I wanted to relax. So…Yeah. I had hoped to get more sci-fi month posts up – and a couple reviews, but I didn’t. (I will link my goodreads reviews for the books this time, though.)

This time I’m going to divide the wrap-up up differently. Because I read/watched things that didn’t fit sci-fi month, I’m going to wrap-up sci-fi month first, and then the rest of the stuff afterwards.

Sci-Fi Month Reading

(Book covers linked to my goodreads review.)






Sci-Fi Month Watch/Play List

Ugh. There are not even words for how terrible I did here. The shows I tried to watch all ended up being DNF’s and shoved onto my shelves. I didn’t finish any of the shows I was supposed to here, as for my high hopes of movies…I watched the first Ghost Rider movie and….it wasn’t at all what I remembered. I mean, it was okay, until the ‘it’s totally appropriate to grab the girl and kiss her’ scene and then she’s all like ‘I’ll go out to dinner with you because now I see that you still do love me’ … Urgh.

You might think I’ll have done better with my games, but I haven’t. I didn’t actually manage to finish any of them and, between boredom and a couple of them not playing well on my computer (it’s too new, the games are too old) … I didn’t get anything finished.

In Case You Missed It

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My Sci-Fi Book Recommendations

Now I’m going to switch over and talk about the non-sci-fi month stuff.

5 Star Read/s


4 Star Read/s


2 Star Read/s


1 Star Read/s


Watching & Music & Gaming

As for my non-sci-fi viewing… The only show I finished was Power Rangers: Super MegaForce. And…it was kind of totally awesome. Still not my fav Power Rangers, but the characters were all so likable and I’m very impressed with the acting skill this season. (Definitely up a bit from the first season and far above Samurai.)

When I went shopping early-ish in November, besides buying books, I also picked up a couple CD’s and one of them was Shinedown’s newest and…that CD is great. I think I’m back to being a HUGE fan of theirs and, of all the songs on the CD, I thing this one is my favorite.

And then there’s this song. I love the song and I think the guy’s voice is amazing.

My gaming has been borderline non-existent. Which, now that I think about it, might be why I hadn’t been in a very good mood for November. Anyway, I hope you guys had a good November and I hope my December will be better than my November.

My Sci-Fi Book Recommendations
Image Credit: PHOTO by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.
QUOTE from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. Hosted by One More

Being totally honest, I consider myself somewhat inexperienced when it comes to sci-fi. Looking at my Goodreads shelves, I’ve got about a third as much sci-fi as I do fantasy – which, considering that fantasy has been my favorite genre for half my life, is actually pretty good.

So, I’ve went through my list of almost one hundred sci-fi books, culled out the ones that I liked when I read them and know I wouldn’t now, and put together a list of my favorite sci-fi books that I’d recommend to everyone!

Middle Grade – Near Future, Earth


The Inventor’s Secret by Chad Morris

Imagine a school in the year 2074 where students don’t read history, but watch it happen around them; where running in gym class isn’t around a track, but up a virtual mountain; and where learning about animals means becoming one through an avatar.

Welcome to Cragbridge Hall, the most advanced and prestigious school in the world. Twin siblings Abby and Derick Cragbridge are excited as new students to use their famed grandfather’s inventions that make Cragbridge Hall so incredible. But when their grandfather and parents go missing, the twins begin following a trail of clues left by their grandfather. They must find out where their family is, learn who they can trust, and discover what secrets are hidden within Cragbridge Hall.

Abby and Derick soon realize they are caught in a race with a fierce adversary to discover their grandfather’s greatest secret–a dangerous discovery that could alter both history and reality.

Young Adult – Far Future, Space & Other Worlds


Starflight by Melissa Landers

Life in the outer realm is a lawless, dirty, hard existence, and Solara Brooks is hungry for it. Just out of the orphanage, she needs a fresh start in a place where nobody cares about the engine grease beneath her fingernails or the felony tattoos across her knuckles. She’s so desperate to reach the realm that she’s willing to indenture herself to Doran Spaulding, the rich and popular quarterback who made her life miserable all through high school, in exchange for passage aboard the spaceliner Zenith.

When a twist of fate lands them instead on the Banshee, a vessel of dubious repute, Doran learns he’s been framed on Earth for conspiracy. As he pursues a set of mysterious coordinates rumored to hold the key to clearing his name, he and Solara must get past their enmity to work together and evade those out for their arrest. Life on the Banshee may be tumultuous, but as Solara and Doran are forced to question everything they once believed about their world—and each other—the ship becomes home, and the eccentric crew family. But what Solara and Doran discover on the mysterious Planet X has the power to not only alter their lives, but the existence of everyone in the universe…

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Luxury spaceliner Icarus suddenly plummets from hyperspace into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive – alone. Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a cynical war hero. Both journey across the eerie deserted terrain for help. Everything changes when they uncover the truth.

The Starbound Trilogy: Three worlds. Three love stories. One enemy.


Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

Princess Snow is missing.

Her home planet is filled with violence and corruption at the hands of King Matthias and his wife as they attempt to punish her captors. The king will stop at nothing to get his beloved daughter back—but that’s assuming she wants to return at all.

Essie has grown used to being cold. Temperatures on the planet Thanda are always sub-zero, and she fills her days with coding and repairs for the seven loyal drones that run the local mines.

When a mysterious young man named Dane crash-lands near her home, Essie agrees to help the pilot repair his ship. But soon she realizes that Dane’s arrival was far from accidental, and she’s pulled into the heart of a war she’s risked everything to avoid. With the galaxy’s future—and her own—in jeopardy, Essie must choose who to trust in a fiery fight for survival.

Young Adult – Alternate Universe, Earth


Fate of Flames by Sarah Raughley

Years ago, everything changed. Phantoms, massive beasts of nightmare, began terrorizing the world. At the same time four girls, the Effigies, appeared, each with the unique power to control a classical element. Since then, they have protected the world from the Phantoms. At the death of one Effigy, another is chosen, pulled from her normal life into the never-ending battle.

When Maia unexpectedly becomes the next Fire Effigy, she resists her new calling. A quiet girl with few friends and almost no family, she was much happier to admire the Effigies from afar. Never did she imagine having to master her ability to control fire, to protect innocent citizens from the Phantoms, or to try bringing together the other three Effigies.

But with the arrival of the mysterious Saul—a man who seems to be able to control the Phantoms using the same cosmic power previously only granted to four girls at a time—Maia and the other Effigies must learn to work together in a world where their celebrity is more important than their heroism.

But the secrets Saul has, and the power he possesses, might be more than even they can handle…

Young Adult – Far Future, Earth


Earth Girl by Janet Edwards

Jarra is stuck on Earth while the rest of humanity portals around the universe. But can she prove to the norms that she’s more than just an Earth Girl?

2788. Only the handicapped live on Earth. While everyone else portals between worlds, 18-year-old Jarra is among the one in a thousand people born with an immune system that cannot survive on other planets. Sent to Earth at birth to save her life, she has been abandoned by her parents. She can’t travel to other worlds, but she can watch their vids, and she knows all the jokes they make. She’s an ‘ape’, a ‘throwback’, but this is one ape girl who won’t give in.

Jarra invents a fake background for herself – as a normal child of Military parents – and joins a class of norms that is on Earth to excavate the ruins of the old cities. When an ancient skyscraper collapses, burying another research team, Jarra’s role in their rescue puts her in the spotlight. No hiding at back of class now. To make life more complicated, she finds herself falling in love with one of her classmates – a norm from another planet. Somehow, she has to keep the deception going.

A freak solar storm strikes the atmosphere, and the class is ordered to portal off-world for safety – no problem for a real child of military parents, but fatal for Jarra. The storm is so bad that the crews of the orbiting solar arrays have to escape to planet below: the first landing from space in 600 years. And one is on collision course with their shelter.

Telepath by Janet Edwards

Amber is one of over a million eighteen-year-olds in one of the great hive cities of twenty-sixth century Earth. She’s about to enter the Lottery of 2532, which will assess her abilities and decide her hive level, her profession, her whole future life. Amber’s dream is to be level 10 or above, her nightmare is to be a level 99 Sewage Technician.

When Lottery discovers Amber is a rare and precious telepath, she must adapt to a new life protecting the people of the crowded hive city. Her job is hunting down criminals before they commit their crimes, but she doesn’t know she’s being hunted herself.

Adult – Far Future, Military


Valor’s Choice by Tanya Huff

In the distant future, humans and several other races have been granted membership in the Confederation – at a price. They must act as soldier/protectors of the far more civilized races who have long since turned away from war… — Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was a battle-hardened professional. So when she and those in her platoon who’d survived the last deadly encounter with the Others were yanked from a well-deserved leave for what was supposed to be “easy” duty as the honor guard for a diplomatic mission to the non-Confederation world of the Silsviss, she was ready for anything.

At first it seemed that all she’d have to contend with was bored troops getting into mischief, and breaking in the new Second Lieutenant who had been given command of her men.

Sure, there’d been rumors of the Others – the sworn enemies of the Confederation – being spotted in this sector of space. But there were always rumors. The key thing was to recruit the Silsviss into the Confederation before the Others either attacked or claimed this lizardlike race of warriors for their own side. And everything seemed to be going perfectly. Maybe too perfectly…

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

To win an impossible war Captain Kel Cheris must awaken an ancient weapon and a despised traitor general.

Captain Kel Cheris of the hexarchate is disgraced for using unconventional methods in a battle against heretics. Kel Command gives her the opportunity to redeem herself by retaking the Fortress of Scattered Needles, a star fortress that has recently been captured by heretics. Cheris’s career isn’t the only thing at stake. If the fortress falls, the hexarchate itself might be next.

Cheris’s best hope is to ally with the undead tactician Shuos Jedao. The good news is that Jedao has never lost a battle, and he may be the only one who can figure out how to successfully besiege the fortress.

The bad news is that Jedao went mad in his first life and massacred two armies, one of them his own. As the siege wears on, Cheris must decide how far she can trust Jedao–because she might be his next victim.

Adult – Far Future, Aliens


Earthrise by M.C.A. Hogarth

Reese Eddings has enough to do just keeping her rattletrap merchant vessel, the TMS Earthrise, profitable enough to pay food for herself and her micro-crew. So when a mysterious benefactor from her past shows up demanding she rescue a man from slavers, her first reaction is to say “NO!” And then to remember that she sort of promised to repay the loan. But she doesn’t remember signing up to tangle with pirates and slavers over a space elf prince… Book 1 of the Her Instruments trilogy is a rollicking space operatic adventure set in the Pelted Paradox universe.

Mindtouch by M.C.A. Hogarth

Seersana University is worlds-renowned for its xenopsychology program, producing the Alliance’s finest therapists, psychiatric nurses and alien researchers. When Jahir, one of the rare and reclusive Eldritch espers, arrives on campus, he’s unprepared for the challenges of a vast and multicultural society… but fortunately, second-year student Vasiht’h is willing to take him under his wing. Will the two win past their troubles and doubts and see the potential for a once-in-a-lifetime partnership?


Terminal Alliance by Jim C. Hines

When the Krakau came to Earth, they planned to invite humanity into a growing alliance of sentient species.

This would have worked out better for all involved if they hadn’t arrived after a mutated plague wiped out half the planet, turned the rest into shambling, near-unstoppable animals, and basically destroyed human civilization. You know—your standard apocalypse.

The Krakau’s first impulse was to turn their ships around and go home. After all, it’s hard to establish diplomatic relations with mindless savages who eat your diplomats.

Their second impulse was to try to fix us.

A century later, human beings might not be what they once were, but at least they’re no longer trying to eat everyone. Mostly.

Marion “Mops” Adamopoulos is surprisingly bright (for a human). As a Lieutenant on the Earth Mercenary Corps Ship Pufferfish, she’s in charge of the Shipboard Hygiene and Sanitation team. When a bioweapon attack by an alien race wipes out the Krakau command crew and reverts the rest of the humans to their feral state, only Mops and her team are left with their minds intact.

Escaping the attacking aliens—not to mention her shambling crewmates—is only the beginning. Sure, Mops and her assortment of space janitors and plumbers can clean the ship, but flying the damn thing is another matter. As they struggle to keep the Pufferfish functioning and find a cure for their crew, they stumble onto a conspiracy that could threaten the entire alliance.

A conspiracy born from the truth of what happened on Earth all those years ago…

Adult – Far Future, Time Travel


Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan

The future is coming…for some, sooner than others.

Ellis Rogers is an ordinary man who is about to embark on an extraordinary journey. All his life he has played it safe and done the right thing, but when faced with a terminal illness, he’s willing to take an insane gamble. He’s built a time machine in his garage, and if it works, he’ll face a world that challenges his understanding of what it means to be human, what it takes to love, and the cost of paradise. He could find more than a cure for his illness; he might find what everyone has been searching for since time began…but only if he can survive Hollow World.


I’m sure some people don’t consider steampunk as science fiction, and it can be a very difficult sub genre to place, but I have decided to include a few steampunk books on this recommendation list for several reasons. The first is that I love steampunk, of course! The other reasons are that some steampunk books are, in a historical way, easy to consider sci-fi. The rules I laid for myself are that I can have steampunk on this list if: 1] it is set on Earth; (which leaves the awesome Tales of the Ketty Jay series off) and 2] it is not more urban fantasy than sci-fi (which leaves everything by the amazing Gail Carriger off).

What I was then left with was a short list and a deep knowledge that I need to be reading more steampunk. (And that I definitely need to read more adult steampunk because all the books that fit that criteria were/are YA…)


Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson

A sixteen-year-old governess becomes a spy in this alternative U.S. history where the British control with magic and the colonists rebel by inventing.

It’s 1888, and sixteen-year-old Verity Newton lands a job in New York as a governess to a wealthy leading family—but she quickly learns that the family has big secrets. Magisters have always ruled the colonies, but now an underground society of mechanics and engineers are developing non-magical sources of power via steam engines that they hope will help them gain freedom from British rule. The family Verity works for is magister—but it seems like the children’s young guardian uncle is sympathetic to the rebel cause. As Verity falls for a charming rebel inventor and agrees to become a spy, she also becomes more and more enmeshed in the magister family’s life. She soon realizes she’s uniquely positioned to advance the cause—but to do so, she’ll have to reveal her own dangerous secret.

Timekeeper by Tara Sim

I was in an accident. I got out. I’m safe now.

An alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers, where a damaged clock can fracture time—and a destroyed one can stop it completely.

A prodigy mechanic who can repair not only clockwork but time itself, determined to rescue his father from a Stopped town.

A series of mysterious bombings that could jeopardize all of England.

A boy who would give anything to relive his past, and one who would give anything to live at all.

A romance that will shake the very foundations of time.


The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress

An action-packed tale of gowns, guys, guns–and the heroines who use them all

Set in turn of the century London, The Friday Society follows the stories of three very intelligent and talented young women, all of whom are assistants to powerful men: Cora, lab assistant; Michiko, Japanese fight assistant; and Nellie, magician’s assistant. The three young women’s lives become inexorably intertwined after a chance meeting at a ball that ends with the discovery of a murdered mystery man.

It’s up to these three, in their own charming but bold way, to solve the murder–and the crimes they believe may be connected to it–without calling too much attention to themselves.

Set in the past but with a modern irreverent flare, this Steampunk whodunit introduces three unforgettable and very ladylike–well, relatively ladylike–heroines poised for more dangerous adventures.


If you guys would like to know anything specific about these books, just ask! Or if you want to leave me recommendations, those are always great!

Sci-Fi Month: Photo Challenge #8: I Can’t Wait to Read
Image Credit: PHOTO by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.
QUOTE from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. Hosted by One More

I’m sure that by the end of this month, I’ll have a lot more sci-fi books that I can’t wait to read – and maybe even a few sequels if they turn out as well as my first Sci-Fi Month read – but, at the moment, the book I’m most excited to get my hands on hasn’t even been released yet. Releasing December 18th and I’ve been super excited for it since March:


The Disasters by M.K. England

Hotshot pilot Nax Hall has a history of making poor life choices. So it’s not exactly a surprise when he’s kicked out of the elite Ellis Station Academy in less than twenty-four hours.

But Nax’s one-way trip back to Earth is cut short when a terrorist group attacks the Academy. Nax and three other washouts escape—barely—but they’re also the sole witnesses to the biggest crime in the history of space colonization. And the perfect scapegoats.

On the run and framed for atrocities they didn’t commit, Nax and his fellow failures execute a dangerous heist to spread the truth about what happened at the Academy.

They may not be “Academy material,” and they may not get along, but they’re the only ones left to step up and fight.


Honestly, this sound like just my kind of book and I am so crazy excited for it. (I really hope I clear out a few extra books and can order this one around Christmas time!)

Sci-Fi Month: Photo Challenge #4: Favorite Sci-Fi Series
Image Credit: PHOTO by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.
QUOTE from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. Hosted by One More

While I really, really want to share a photo of these books with you guys, I have no internet and spotty cell phone reception at my home, so at least scheduling this post means I know it will go up and I’ll get to share an awesome series with you guys.

On Friday I talked about my first sci-fi read and how it got me into the genre. While that’s true, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with sci-fi quite so thoroughly if not for this series.


Tanya Huff’s Confederation series.

I was just off a Babylon 5 rewatch binge and was craving more sci-fi. I’d had Valor’s Choice sitting on my shelf, intimidating me, for I don’t know how long. So, without expecting much, I gave it a go. And wound up with not only my favorite sci-fi series, one of my favorite authors.

This is a sci-fi series with one of the big reasons I love sci-fi: aliens. It always makes me so happy when sci-fi isn’t just humans running around – though I also dearly love humans running around on other worlds – and this series has a lot of aliens in it. Some are friends and some are foes and they all have their own culture and beliefs.

Synopsis from Valor’s Choice

In the distant future, humans and several other races have been granted membership in the Confederation – at a price. They must act as soldier/protectors of the far more civilized races who have long since turned away from war… — Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was a battle-hardened professional. So when she and those in her platoon who’d survived the last deadly encounter with the Others were yanked from a well-deserved leave for what was supposed to be “easy” duty as the honor guard for a diplomatic mission to the non-Confederation world of the Silsviss, she was ready for anything.

At first it seemed that all she’d have to contend with was bored troops getting into mischief, and breaking in the new Second Lieutenant who had been given command of her men.

Sure, there’d been rumors of the Others – the sworn enemies of the Confederation – being spotted in this sector of space. But there were always rumors. The key thing was to recruit the Silsviss into the Confederation before the Others either attacked or claimed this lizardlike race of warriors for their own side. And everything seemed to be going perfectly. Maybe too perfectly…

Sci-Fi Month: Photo Challenge #2: First Sci-Fi Read
Image Credit: PHOTO by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.
QUOTE from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. Hosted by One More

I almost decided to skip this because I had thought about going on twitter to do it, but I … really don’t know if I could find the first sci-fi book that I ever remember reading and getting a picture of it to you. But…I wanted to talk about it, so let’s go.

What got you into Sci-Fi?

I have always been a voracious reader. I loved mystery books when I was younger. Some of the first books I read by myself were Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. I remember, and I’m probably very aptly showing my age for those living in the US with me, this TV show called Wishbone where each episode would adapt a different classic book. And then there were the tie in novels that went with the show.

In truth, it was probably a Wishbone tie-in book that first started fostering a love for sci-fi in me.


For the first time ever, I was more interested in the classic that it retold/was inspired by than the story with our kids and dog. (The classic it covered was The Legion of Space by Jack Williamson which I have since read and liked it then, but probably wouldn’t now.)

However, if we’re talking straight up sci-fi book (one that I randomly bought from my mystery book club because it looked cool) that book would have to be:


I owned the book for probably five-six years before finally – after having already been involved in fantasy for awhile – dusting it off to read. I liked the book, it was a fun, military sci-fi with a strong leading lady. (Shame about the way I liked the books less as the series progressed.)

I totally credit this book, beyond everything else at that time (except for the TV series Babylon 5) for finally getting me into sci-fi.

July Wrap Up

Well, I’ve been meaning to get this post up for four days. The fact is, I still want to blog, be active in this community, but I don’t know how things are going to turn out. If you’ve been following my updates, you already know some of what’s been going on.

Brief recap of the past month: My father went from not doing great to doing terrible in the space of about two weeks and, after two trips to the hospital, died at home on the sixteenth of July. My sister, who lives out of state, came up for a few days with her husband, during which time we had the funeral.

Now, I work for my mom, I have ever since I graduated high school. Before that, too, technically, because I was home schooled and my mom was the one in change of my schooling, even when she bought a business and started working full time. So, because of all this, and the way my father was, I don’t have the proper paperwork/documentation that I need to get a job anywhere else.

So I’ve been trying to get all that lined up for the past two weeks or so. The week my father died, we were closed except the Monday I worked and the Saturday my mom reopened. The week before that, he was in such bad shape that my mom and my brother both stayed home to take care of him and I worked solo at my mom’s store. Because of this, I discovered that her business is not doing well (because she’s got this mentality that she has to do everything herself and will seldom if ever ask for help). My brother is barely working at the moment and we cannot live on a one person income when the business is so slow. (Also, my father never wanted his kids to get the proper documentation to work – like a social security number and my mom never pushed it, so my married sister is the only one that has one right now.)

I might be able to get a job in September, the way things are set up right now. And I say ‘might’ because I will have the proof of identity and age that I’ll need for a social security number, but if they ask for any documentation to prove I’ve never had a number before…I have nothing to prove that because they mentioned things like school records (which I was home schooled with my parents doing everything so I don’t have those) and tax records (which I never had to pay taxes because I was always payed off the books by my mom). (I’m also going to be trying to convince my brother to get himself a worthwhile job – though our father really screwed things up for his kids but good.)

What that all means to you is that I have no energy for this blog right now and I’m just barely reading. (I’ve finished one book since the 23rd that wasn’t a re-read.) Then, once I manage to get a job somewhere, (I know where I want to work) I’ll probably not have time or energy for this blog for quite a while. (Not to mention the fact that I do not have internet at home and have always done all my blogging and socializing at my mom’s store, so I won’t even have much access to the internet. I hopefully will be able to dump my computer off with my mom occasionally, to at least download new games and record my netflix video’s.

So, that’s the state of things for me right now and I just want all the waiting to be over and to already have my job that I can start next week. Sadly, life doesn’t work like that.

Now, as for my books…Honestly, last week I was looking at a couple of the first books I’ve read in July and I can’t believe it wasn’t months ago that I read them. It seems so long ago. I will say that I reread a lot, knowing that my attention wouldn’t be truly on what I was reading, and I didn’t add those to this recap list. (And when I’m stressed out, I apparently read gay romances.)

Best Book/s of the Month


Other Good Books of the Month



Books I Don’t Recommend


What I’ve Finished Watching

Season one of House of Anubis. It was a birthday gift and the show was really fun. I think I would have liked it more when I was closer in age to the kids, because all their relationship drama was super annoying (though I’d probably have found it annoying then, too) but the plot was kind of awesome. I also watched season one of Killjoys and…liked it a lot more than I expected. I mean, we have a totally awesome woman of color main character in a sci-fi series that was created by a woman. (Who also worked on Lost Girl, which is a show I was already interested in and learning that made it jump several shows in my queue.) Also Killjoys doesn’t have any signs of the love triangle (one woman, two brothers) that I was worried about. (There is some interest/romance between the woman and one of the men, but the other thinks of her like a sister.)

I watched Final Fantasy: XV: Kingsglaive and… Okay, I love Final Fantasy. (Advent Children was awesome, loved the OVA about Zack, played parts of XII and adored it before my PS…broke.) So, yeah, I love Final Fantasy. But, seriously, this movie was bad. So was The Spirits Within. So…I might be done with this franchise’s movies. Also finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and…well, I think it took me four days to watch the whole movie. I didn’t like it, though it was still better than the book. (Except the Neville/snake scene was much more awesome in the book than the movie. Though I am glad they didn’t cut it out.) Anyway, HP series – books and movies – finished, so, yay! I also watched G.B.F. The movie was…insulting. But, at least it was insulting to everyone? Also watched Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker and…Cassandra is awesome. I mean, I love her in Inquisition – she’s my favorite Dragon Age woman and pretty much my second favorite character over all – and this movie was so, so perfect. So, yeah, glad I finally got around to watching that one.

Watching & Playing

I usually adore this guy’s music – especially his singles – and this song is one of my two favorites. (The only one it didn’t dethrone was The Remedy and nothing probably ever will.)

I definitely consider myself a Seether fan, but, strangely enough, I don’t ever recall hearing this song before just recently. (August, technically, but who cares. I’ll be playing it on repeat because it’s awesome.)

I’ve not really been playing much for games. I finished up Hercules: Fleecing the Fleece – which is a time management game – and played Wayhaven Chronicles: book one which is a cyoa style computer book/game thing-y from the same otome-style game author as The Lady’s Choice – which I played and is awesome! – and The Crossroads – which I haven’t played. But Wayhaven Chronicles series has started out awesomely and I especially loved the fact that you can have same-sex romances – which is pretty much a requisite for me anymore. I’ve also been muddling along with Borderlands and getting more and more frustrated with the fighting and bored with the lack of a plot and Of Orcs and Men and getting super bored with the fighting on it – though the plot is good. I’ve got about half a dozen games started, but none of them are really catching my interest.

So, there’s been my July. A lot has happened, most of it not good, and if anyone has advice for finding time to blog while holding down a full time job, I’d love to here it. (Because, eventually we will either get internet where we are, or I’m going to move somewhere I can get internet. Maybe move to another town, too, though I’d love to convince my mom and brother to move with me.)


Alright, so if you saw my post last Monday, you have some idea what’s going on. Well, my father died last night/early morning. (If you don’t want to read anymore, I don’t know what’s going to be happening with his blog due to lack of internet at home and me looking for a full/part time job to bring in some more money.)

We (and by we I mean my brother) got dad to the hospital on Thursday, we got him back home on Saturday and for those two days, Hospice was helping us. For those couple of days that he was home, he’s been dosed up on anti-anxiety meds and Morphine. So, thankfully, it was a quiet, peaceful death.

Now, for most of last week I’ve been the only one at my mom’s store. (Usually I just do shelf stocking and the like, so dealing directly with all these customers has been…interesting.) I’ll be here today (Monday) and possibly tomorrow, depending on what mom thinks – because we’ll be closed for awhile.

Mom needs some time to rest after how stressful the last couple weeks especially has been and we’ll just close due to a ‘death in the family’ she said. I don’t know if this’ll just be Tuesday or Wednesday through Sunday, or if she’ll take more/less time off. (And, I’ll be getting some time off, too. Which I do need.)

I have a few things I have to do, then I’ll be searching around the area, finding jobs I can do and sending out resumes. (Because her store isn’t doing really enough to need two people, as I’ve been discovering, and now with hospital bills and funeral bills, I need to be helping out more, pulling in more money.)

So, what that all means for this blog is that I will have less of both time and energy to read. (Last week I was under so much stress, I was only rereading books.) Also, I’ll have less time to blog besides the fact that I do not have internet reception at home. (Which is part of the reason I’ve been suggesting we buy a house in town because right now, we live about eight miles from downtown. (And it’s a small town so eight miles means we are firmly in farmland.) The other reason is I don’t drive and there are no decent public transport systems in town, so I’ll always have to get my mom or brother to drive me to/from work.)

I’ve been searching for free wifi spots, but haven’t found much. Seriously, all I’m getting results for is a hotel in town and McDonalds. (I guess I could just park myself in McDonalds and order fries because it’s about the only thing they’ve got that I think I can eat.)

I’m hoping that by the end of the year, I will be gainfully employed – just not Walmart, please not Walmart – and I really don’t know what’ll happen to this blog. If we do move into town – or if the internet reception hurries up and reaches us, I do plan on returning to this blog. But that won’t be until at least next year, so, for now, this blog (and the whole community) is just going to have to take a back burner.

I’ll be trying to keep you updated, maybe weekly, if there’s anything going on – but for right now, figure I’m going to be absent. (Also, to everyone that I’ve not replied to comments of, thank you so much! I love you guys, this blog and the amazing community that welcomed a newb that was super anxious and had no clue what she was doing. You guys are all seriously the best!)

Important Information About Me and My Blog

Personal life has gotten rough. I don’t have the energy or the happiness to blog right now. I have only two posts scheduled for the rest of July – those should still go up – but I’m talking a hiatus and I don’t know when I’ll be back. I do intend to come back, but right now, I just can’t do this.

Full Information
My father is old and has been doing badly for awhile. It all came to a head last week – July first thru the eighth. He’s been a lot of trouble and his mind is slipping. We (my mom, my brother and I) finally got him to the hospital – though the only way we could was in an ambulance – and then he wouldn’t stay.

This was Sunday the eighth. We’ve been back about fifteen to thirty minutes as I write this. He’s so bad off that he can’t walk on his own at all, he forgets things you told him five minutes ago, but he could not be convinced to stay at the hospital. (My mom doesn’t have Power of Attorney for him so she couldn’t authorize him staying at the hospital.)

Now he’s back home and no better off than he was. He’s barely eating or drinking. I just – He’s killing us. My mom was nearly in tears on the way home because he wouldn’t stay at the hospital and get better – because he won’t get better at home. Not like this. We’re all losing sleep taking care of him because he wakes in the middle of the night and needs things – or, usually, falls and can’t get up.

My mom and my brother are skipping meals because they get frustrated dealing with him and aren’t hungry, and my mom not eating tends to make her sick. (Meanwhile I’m a stress eater and felt nauseous after all the potato chips I ate yesterday (Saturday).) On the way home I was listening to him not caring how much he’s putting on his family and listening to my mom with tears in her voice calling him selfish – and I suddenly realized how people can be pushed to do drastic things. Because, right then? I could have suffocated him with a pillow.

After all that, my mom and I went back into town to get prescriptions filled and rent a wheelchair and she was literally crying on my shoulder. God, no worse feeling in the world than one parent crying on your shoulder because of the other and I’ve got no idea what to do. I mean, I don’t do nurturing and I’ve never had to comfort someone before so there I am, trying to be steady for her and fighting back my own tears. Right now, I just kind of hate my father.

My sister’s coming up tomorrow (Monday) and hopefully we’ll be able to get him back to the hospital and get him to stay there – but I don’t know how we’re going to do that, because he’s protesting every step of the way. The condition he’s in…Honestly, they said it was his heart and he is really, really bad off and…I just don’t know what we can do. The doctor said that he’d pass out in a few days because his heart isn’t pumping properly and then he’ll be back at the hospital and he’ll have to stay. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later. (I might be a terrible person and an even worse daughter, but I was honestly hoping I’d wake up this morning and he’d be dead.)

So, my blog is going to have to wait until I’m at a better place mentally because right now I have no ability to be my witty self in my posts, the thought of reading anything besides the fluffiest fluff makes me shudder and I just…Want to go back to Borderlands and kill things until I feel better. (And re-read books or read fanfiction.)

I do have intentions to come back. I love this community too much not to, but something has to give right now and, unfortunately, it’s this blog.

Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

My reading has been all over the place this year. I’ve had at least one month that I finished over fifteen books in one month, and another month where I finished less than five. I’ve also been all over in terms of quality, but I think I’m getting better at picking good books out as well as learning how to stop a book that I know I won’t like.

1. Best Book You’ve Read So Far in 2018?

I have read so many awesome books this year and so many that just missed being rated five stars that this was very difficult – and it was made even worse by the fact that the first few books I wanted to list here fit better in some of the later topics. So, this is actually my favorite book so far that doesn’t better fit into any of the following prompts.


2. Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far in 2018?


This was actually the book I first wanted to answer to the previous prompt, but it is my favorite sequel and, probably my favorite book so far this year. I simply decided to spread the love around a bit.

3. New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To?

Really, there aren’t very many new releases that have kept my interest past their release. I’ll be curious to see how many of the new releases for the rest of the year do. But, this book does sound good to me.


4. Most Anticipated Release For Second Half of 2018?


While there are several books I’m super excited for, this is the one that I cannot wait for. I have read the two previous books and, despite my worries, have pretty much adored them. So I cannot wait until November!

5. Biggest Disappointment?


While I did have several disappointing reads this year, I also managed to DNF several of them that would have been one or, at most, two stars. However, this book starts off fairly well, with a whole first contact thing – but, really, the ‘aliens’ are barely described for much of the book leaving me picturing rubber-forehead aliens and the story feels incredibly dated. Like, I’ve read books from the ’80’s that were more progressive than this thing. (Did I mention depressing, too? Because it is.)

6. Biggest Surprise?


I wasn’t really expecting to like this book much at all. I mean, I did buy it, but I thought that if I finished it it would be a bit of a surprise. (I’m kind of tired of the casual sexism and generally bad romances that YA has.) Instead I kind of loved it.

7. Favorite New Author?

Honestly, there were very few books that I really liked that were by new-to-me-authors. However, I have read three books by E.E. Ottoman and have really enjoyed their work.


8. Newest Fictional Crush?

I…don’t really tend to crush on characters much. I mean, I have done it, but it takes a really special type of character for me to have a ‘crush’ on them. I guess I’ll go with the two leads in this book.


London is a delightfully intelligent, witty woman and Bennett is a total flirt of a gentleman and I could totally see myself wanting to date either of them.

9. Newest Favorite Character?


ATM, Audrey. She’s amazing and brave and smart and she’s just so totally awesome!

10. Book That Made You Cry?


It is a happy, fluffy, cute book and yet I wept through it because it is a happy, fluffy, cute book. Angst and depression and actual sadness usually doesn’t make me cry, but happiness will make me weep. I’m just lucky that way.

11. Book That Made You Happy?


While it’s a short story that stars off super slow (the first 20 pages of this 65 page story) there is a very cute, sweet, fluffy romance with topnotch robot love and excellent ace representation.

12. Favorite Book To Movie Adaptation You Saw This Year?

19547856Image result for love simon

I’m not going to say that’s because it’s the only one I’ve seen this year but…that’s totally why. Just kidding. (But, really, it is the only adaptation I’ve seen this year unless you want to include the second half of season 2 of Shadowhunters.) Anyway, the movie was fun though I do question some of the changes that were made from the book. And, being truthful, I’m not sure how well the movie will stick around for me, considering that I tried reading Leah on the Offbeat after seeing the movie and kind of hate Leah now. (And that book a little, too, but that’s another subject, right?)

13. Favorite Review You’ve Written This Year?

Ugh. None. I don’t even know what reviews I have written this year. Blech.

14. Most Beautiful Book You Bought So Far This Year?


I’m honestly quite taken by the covers to this series so far – though I haven’t seen the cover for the third on yet. Also, I deeply adore the covers to the Effigies series, but I haven’t bought any of those books this year.

15. What Books Do You Need To Read By The End of The Year?

Too many to list. All 36 that I currently own I hope to read before the end of this year, and I’d like to start 2019 with not a huge TBR stack.