Book Binge and Buying Ban

After much thought, I’ve decided I’m going to give myself a little mini two part challenge for the rest of the year. Right now, I currently own 37 books that I have either never read (27) or that I’m going to try to finish after marking as DNF the first time (10).

Book Binge

For the last three months of this year I am going to try very, very hard to finish all my unfinished books. That means that I will have to read roughly 12 books for each month – October, November and December.

While that sounds like a lot to me, I also know it’s totally doable, because, for the other nine months of this year, I’ve read an average 10 books each month. Just a little more pushing, and I can make 12 books each month. Maybe not easily, but I know I can do it. (Also, I might discover why some of those DNF books were marked like that to begin with.)

I’ve already got a rough TBR planned for each month, especially for November as I hope to be participating in Sci-Fi Month and I’ve got my TBR filled with all my unfinished sci-fi books!

Buying Ban

I’d say this is pretty self explanatory. I am not to buy any books until I finish ALL the books I currently own. Even though I know that my physical (and kindle) TBR is significantly less than others, I’ve noticed that books that I’m super excited for stay sitting on the shelf too long, or I loose interest in them.

Also, last month I finally read my last book that I bought in 2017. It only took me nine extra months! Which is way, way too long. Hopefully, I’ll be starting 2019 with a clean slate of books.


So, wish me luck and do let me know if you’ve ever done anything like this!


2018 Diversity in Speculative Fiction Challenge (+BiMonthly Features & Other Challenges)

Hey, all! I know I’m a little late getting this up, but I didn’t finalize my challenge until the last week in December and this is my first decent chance to post it. Just like last year (on that other blog) I’ve created this challenge for myself, but you are more than welcome to join in. Also, in diversity, I tend to focus on gender and sexuality, so if you’re looking for one with a strong focus on racial diversity, check this one out.


A few clarifications: Each is supposed to be in either science fiction or fantasy and their subgenre’s for me. I think you could get this to work just as well for non-genre fiction. I think the only square that might be a little confusing is the ‘gender identity diversity’. By that I simply mean a main character – or focus on those – that does not identify as male or female. Perhaps male and female or gender neutral or non-binary, ect. And, yes, I did mean to have two #OwnVoices squares because I am terrible at actually searching out Own Voices authors.

Now, for my other new feature.

Every other month I’m going to try to do a focus on a different diversity. I plan on having book recommendations as well as well as a discussion post or two. (Once again, you guys are more than welcome to join in!)


February – LGBT+ Romances (In celebration of Valentine’s Day)

April – POC in Speculative Fiction

June – Sexuality and Gender Identity (Pride Month)

August – #OwnVoices (seriously, give me suggestions for these!)

October – Non-Western Speculative Fiction

December – Assorted Potpourri (Anything that didn’t fit the previous months/overflow from previous months)


Finish-the-Series Challenge

I had a blast with this last year and it worked wonderfully at making me actually focus on the series I’ve started instead of starting new ones. This year, I’d like to finish a minimum of twelve series.


Chunky Book Challenge

Resurrecting another challenge from last year, this one focusing on adult books that are over four hundred pages and YA books that are over five hundred pages. Like to get a minimum of twelve read here, too.