Hello, everyone. My name is Amy and some of you might know me from my previous blog, Pages of Starlight. I started that blog years ago and, though I loved it, certain things made it time for a change. So A Thousand Worlds was born.

The fact is, no matter how many reading slumps I get into or how many blogging hiatuses I take (and there have been many of both since I started blogging) I love reading and I love the chance this community gives me to talk about books in general and in specific.

My favorite genres are fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi, ergo, the title. I love books that take place in a time and place that isn’t real. That isn’t something that you step out of your house and could be happening right now. I love the worlds and settings that are only in the pages of a book.

Beyond that, I love books that feature diversity and I am always on the hunt to find more. I love reading about people that are different from me, that think about things and see things differently than I do.


Besides reading, I like playing computer games (a lot of different types, but my favorites are RPG’s with optional romances) and have a near obsession with superhero movies and shows.

I love the color steel-blue, graphic t-shirts, needing to wear glasses and writing. I love getting comments and delving into conversations about books, even though I might be really bad at it. (Might be, because no one has told me I am or I’m not, but I have the suspicion that I probably am.)