Where is this year going? I mean, I can hardly believe that it’ll soon be October. At the same time, I am really looking forward to it. (I love October and fall and Halloween!)

This month has been mixed across the board, but I think I’m finally getting to be in a good place. I would like to make note, in November, I’m hoping to participate in Sci-Fi Month. If you’d like to know more about it, check out the first post, here.

Favorite Books of the Month


Four Star Reads




Three Star Read/s


Two Star Read/s


What I’ve Been Watching

I watched season three of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and…I’m not really sure why it took me so long to try that show. I mean, it’s a lot of fun and just pretty much (completely) the only ‘comedy’ show I can watch and enjoy. I watched season one of Torchwood and enjoyed it, but: I’m glad I didn’t watch it when I was first interested because I probably wouldn’t have liked it then, and I hate two of the characters and like two others. (Of course, Captain Jack is all kinds of awesome and I adore him, so it’s pretty much because of him that I will eventually watch season two.)

I watched season 1 of The Magicians and I liked it quite a bit. I did a little reading about the books and know I’ll be avoiding them because they don’t sound like my thing at all. But, the show? I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

I watched Pacific Rim: Uprising and while the movie is totally awesome, it’s not as good as the first one. (Of course, the first one is my favorite movie, so I wouldn’t really expect the sequel to be as good as the first one.) There are several plot threads that worked as well as they did because they had the chance to build things in the first movie. I watched the new-ish Wonder Woman movie and… Didn’t love it. Barely liked it. I mean, the character of Diana is awesome and Gal Gadot is absolutely gorgeous and…that was about all the movie offers. The plot is…kind of terrible. And don’t even get me started on the ‘update’ of the character. It’s all kinds of stupid and annoying. (Definitely worried about the few other DC movies I want to see if this is the way they usually are. And by few I mean Aquaman and Black Adam.)

Finally, I also watched The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey. It was okay. I guess. I mean, it totally had it’s moments when it was fun, but it just stretched endlessly and kind of ends with a whimper. (I don’t care that there are sequels, it should be a complete movie.) I never read the book but I really don’t understand why it was stretched into three movies unless it was only to cash (literally) in on the LotR popularity. I will almost certainly not be watching the other two. (Even if they do have a pretty stellar cast.)

Gaming and Music

I’ve started a lot of games this month and finished very few of them. The only ‘big’ game that I actually enjoyed enough to finish was Jade Empire. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was a fun, fairly short RPG. I think it took me like thirteen hours to complete and there was a lot of wandering around not having a clue what I was doing. I do have to note something very interesting in that when I first tried to play the game, I played as a guy and totally could not get into the game. (Probably played for thirty minutes to an hour.) This time, I played as a girl and totally immersed myself in it. What is so interesting to me is that another Bioware game – Mass Effect – was just the opposite: I tried playing as a girl and couldn’t, but played as a guy and had a blast. So… I don’t know, I just thought it was interesting/strange. (Though I am hurt because my Jade Empire girl is single because she wanted to romance the only straight romance option and was effectively friendzoned!)

I heard this song for the first time this month and immediately had to go buy it from iTunes because I adore it.

How did your September go?


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