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Love the prompt this week, even if I had to go through every book I’d finished in the last two years to get the answer. I will admit, the answer does surprise me a bit – both for who it is and, more, for how few books it is. (Author name links to Goodreads page.)

What author have you read the most in the past two years?

Martha Wells. Seven books – which is a little more than one every four months. I really expected my most read author to have something like ten or twelve books that I’d read in the past couple years, but…I do always say that Wells is one of my favorite authors, so this is fitting, I think.

Close seconds, at six books each, are Jim C. Hines (who is also one of my favorite authors, though I’m not loving his book that I’m currently trying to read) and Angel Martinez (because I binged a series of hers back in January but haven’t read anything of hers since).

Who are your most read authors of the past two years?


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