So, I’m provisionally back. Because it turns out that getting wisdom teeth pulled isn’t as much of a vacation as I’d hoped. (Who would have thought?) So, I’ll be here for TTT’s and my Monday posts – I hope – but beyond that… I have no idea. I would like to get a bit more out in June, but we will have to see how things go.

Good news is that I now have two fewer teeth than when I started the month. And, really, it wasn’t bad. I mean, I’d kind of built this really scary thing up in my mind – running through all the things that could go wrong, but that also sometimes helps me because at least I have a plan for when (I mean, if) things do go wrong – but there was no trouble and fairly minor pain.

I thought that while I was convalescing I’d get some reading done and instead played video games for a week… So, I’m definitely not thrilled with the amount of books I’ve read this month, but that was why I set myself a low Goodreads challenge this year – so I wouldn’t feel pressured. (Besides, it seems that I always read less in the summer than any other time of year. And, the calendar might not yet say summer, but we’ve already been so hot.)

Favorite Books of the Month


Other Books of the Month


Even if I only read three books this month, at least two of them were five star reads. The third one…wasn’t very good. At all. But, still.


I’ve not been watching a lot this month. I mean, I thought I’d watch TV like crazy while I was recouping, but…Well, I only finished two shows this month and watched very little else.

I watched season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I like the show, and it’s usually pretty fun, but what I like the most is that it’s not like all the comedy shows I used to watch. This one actually develops and doesn’t have a big reset button at the end of each episode.

I also watched season four of Glee. I am making my way through the entire series for the first time, as I avoided it while it was on TV, and while I will finish it, this season was quite a disappointment. There were a lot of things I didn’t like, some that I would have liked to see, and several couples that are just bad/unhealthy. (I really no longer support Blaine/Kurt and I NEVER supported Finn/Rachel but they just keep getting progressively worse. I do still totally support Santana/Brittany, so there is that. And to a lesser degree, Mike/Tina. Though I am beyond thrilled at Tina’s character development this season. I also do kind of support Jake/Marley. I wasn’t sure I would, then I realized Ryder’s an ass, so…*cough*he can just die with Finn*cough* (if you’ll pardon the joke because I do know about that, but while I might understand the mourning for a talented actor, I hate the character of Finn Hudson with a passion.)


Two new songs this month, one from a sing whose music I adore, and one from a band that I’d never heard of before, but that has some awesome stuff.

And as for where all my time has went this month … oh, about ninety hours in a complete Mass Effect playthrough. (Second time finishing Mass Effect, second time starting ME2 and first time playing ME3.) As a whole, I like the games, but the third one kind of left me a mess. Seriously, the whole series is so much fun up until the last third of ME3 and then it’s like the depression train hits and while I still liked it, I don’t think it’ll be a game I replay often. (It ruined me, my friends. Totally ruined me.)

I also gave Valkyria Chronicles a go over Memorial Day weekend (as I couldn’t reply Dragon Age II like I’d planned) and…I’m not impressed. I might get back to it someday, but for now its been marked as ‘abandoned’ in my Steam library. For one thing, if you think the Mako in Mass Effect is a pain to drive, the tank in VC is so much worse. And while I like strategy games, I like taking my time and plotting out an extended game. That’s pretty much impossible to do with VC.

Anyway, that’s how my May has went. How was yours and what have you got planned for June?


One thought on “May Wrap Up

  1. Oh boy, ME3 left me in a depressive mess (death, death, and more death!), so I COMPLETELY empathize. I’m so glad I played the Citadel DLC after I played the main story because that was a perfect palette cleanser. I didn’t think the ending was terrible (how are people still mad about it after 6 years?), but it was still…sad.

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