Well, can you guess by the title what this post is going to be about?

For most of the year, I’ve been feeling like I’m scrambling, trying to catch up with posting/socializing on other blogs. And I’ve been quite noticeably failing. This really started after I caught a bug back in February and in April it got even worse. (Dealing with headaches, another bug and a migraine all in one month is not my idea of a good month.)

So, I have several reasons I’ve decided to take this hiatus. The first and most important is because I don’t think I’ve been taking good enough care of myself. I need some time to rest and relax and recharge. Also, hopefully I can get a bit of a schedule cushion so I’m not scrambling for posts.

Finally, I’m hoping to get my wisdom teeth out this month. I’ve been putting this off longer than I should have, and they hurt. Totally not fun. So, I’ll be making an appointment, and hopefully will be getting them out within a week or two. And I’ve heard enough horror stories about this that I’m either going to be totally sidelined and miserable for a week (because, truthfully, I’m a terrible patient) or I’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about (because, oddly enough, I think I’ve got a pretty high pain threshold).

So, with that, I’m planing on taking it easy. (Lots of gaming and reading and probably some shows…) Beyond that though, I’m still planning on taking it easy. I think I’ve just been running myself ragged and that’s got to stop.

I’ll see you guys at the end of the month, at least for an update as to what I’m doing.


One thought on “May Hiatus

  1. Oof that sounds really rough! And getting your wisdom teeth out is definitely not fun – it doesn’t hurt so much as pain meds making you tired. And probably cranky. But some rest sounds like it’s just what you need so I hope May has been good so far for you!

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