Hosted by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl. I saw this prompt and the first thing I thought of was historical romance. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love historical romances, especially the ones that take the conventions of the time and turn them on their ear. That can be through same sex pairings or feminism or just giving us people that don’t quite fit the mold. And I like the dichotomy of everything being so repressed in public, starched and reserved, but it’s not that way in the privacy of a bedchamber. (Or a hallway. Or a carriage. Or theatre box. Or…ahem. Yeah, you get the idea.) But there is a certain naming convention when it comes to these books. (Also this is a mix of books. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t, some I’ve looked at, some I’d never heard of before. So, do with that as you will.)

Duke, Marquess, Viscount

(Interestingly enough, seldom prince and only occasionally lord.)



(Because they’re all kind of the same, aren’t they?)



(And it’s almost always duchess or, less often, the generic lady.)



(Because, don’t you know, that’s the endgame.)



(lol You either get a rogue or a gentleman.)



(At least you know what you’re getting.)



(There’s not even words for how hard I’m rolling my eyes right now.)



I think I’ll just stop there. This is either more than ten or less than ten, depending on how you count them, so, yeah. Anyway, I’m really surprised that ‘virgin’ isn’t a more common word in historical romance novels. I really thought it would be when I started my list.

Love to see what you came up with this week!

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