First up, I want to thank those people that have been so patient with me these last 2-3 weeks. I know I’m always saying I’ll do better with commenting and such and I don’t and I feel awful about that.

This month, though, I’ve had a couple excuses besides me just being lazy. I’ve been dealing with a tension/stress headache since the end of last month – and, naturally, in an ever perpetuating cycle, the headache caused me more tension and stress so that made it worse. I think it’s about gone, though I have a difficult time when I bend my neck certain ways and hold it one position too long. Where my computer usually is, I tip my head forward, and that’s the position that was causing me the most trouble. The good news is, the headache seems to be almost gone, so, yay!

Also, I screwed up my blog. lol Seriously, I was poking around and found something that I thought ‘ooh, cool, I’m going to change that’ and then I’ve spent the past month trying to figure out what I did. I think I’ve got that fixed now. *fingers crossed* I should be able to properly respond to comments now. (Sorry about that, guys. I’m a real dingbat sometimes. I mean, naturally it was something I did because I didn’t start having the problem until I did the thing. Was that my first thought, though? Noooo. Of course not. I thought something was wrong with WordPress. *sigh*)

In other news:

I’ve been thinking about trying a twice-monthly update, like I’m doing this month. I’m not sure it’d be totally feasible, because sometimes my month is super boring – and other times I read hardly anything in the first half of the month.

That hasn’t been the problem this month. (Though you’ll have to wait for my usual wrap up to see what I’ve been reading because I’m going to be backdating this post, anyway and I don’t have time to give you a complete rundown like I usually would.) I am currently in a bit of a reading slump. I just read a bunch of stuff and had two DNFs in a row and I’m just not feeling motivated to read. Maybe now would be a good time to put the finishing touches on my discussion topic for reading slumps…

Anyways, just wanted to give you guys a quick update and let you know why I’ve been … well, not here much lately. Besides my usual laziness. 😛


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