Hosted at the Goodreads group: Top 5 Wednesday. I was all set to say that while I like several authors, I don’t actually have any ones that are ‘auto buy’. Then I realized – yes, I do, even if I don’t call it that. Because I’ve got about a handful of authors whom I’m either making my way through the back catalogue of theirs, or that I’m impatiently waiting for the next release of. (This also wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, because I’ve discovered some authors have books already published that I have zero interest in. (Foz Meadows: I love her high fantasy series with a passion and have little to no interest in her vampire story. Gail Carriger: I adore her steampunk ‘verse, but have no interest in her urban fantasy stories.)


Martha Wells

Books Read: 10

Without a doubt, one of my favorite authors – even if I do like her fantasy work quite a bit more than her sci-fi work. Also, she does have a couple of media tie-in novels that I probably won’t read: one for Star Wars and two for Stargate: Atlantis – one of which I read ages ago, when I was a pretty huge fan of Atlantis. And that was, strangely enough, the first book of hers I ever read.


Jim C. Hines

Books Read: 7

Another one of my favorite authors. In fact, I love his Princesses series so much, that I gave his urban fantasy series a go – even though I am very definitely not usually a fan of urban fantasy stories. (I liked the first book enough to continue the series and the second book was better!)


Rhiannon Thomas

Books Read: 3 (though that’s all she’s written so far)

While I’m not completely secure putting an author on this list that’s only written three books, I also love A Wicked Thing so much that I am quite willing to say anything she writes is an immediate purchases.


Michael J. Sullivan

Books Read: 12

Though there would have been a time, not too long ago, that I would have very willingly said this was my favorite author, I think his writing style and my reading preferences have started to diverge. Not that his writing is changing, but I’m starting to look for more in my books than I get from his fantasy stories. Not his sci-fi, because Hallow World is one of my favorite books from last year. (I’m very curious to know if he’d still be on my auto buy list next year at this time.)


Tanya Huff

Books Read: 6

Though I’ve barely made a dent in her huge back catalogue, I am having a blast with her books.  Mostly I’ve been involved with her sci-fi series, but I’m very excited to give a few more of fantasy series – and even her urban fantasy series’ – a go. Another author that I definitely consider one of my favorites.

This was really fun – and now I need to go order some books. (JK, though not really.) What spec fiction authors are your auto buys?

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2 thoughts on “Top Five Spec Fiction Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Lovely list! I loved Martha Well’s Ile Rien books and am planning on (slowly) reading through the Raksura books throughout the rest of this year. And I’m the opposite with Tanya Huff–I’ve not checked out any of her scifi books, only fantasy ones! I definitely recommend The Silvered!


    1. Oh, I LOVE the Raksura books! The first one stars out a little slow, I thought, but the world building and the characters are just amazing. I’ll definitely check out The Silvered because I’m trying to decide which fantasy books of Huff’s to start with. And, if you like sci-fi, I totally recommended Huff’s Confederation series – especially if you like military women. (And an awesome supporting cast.)

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