This month has been…not the best blog wise. It seems like this year I’ve not been able to focus on two things, ever. I’m a huge multitasker and am usually great at getting all the things done. But this year, this month in particular, it seems that I can’t. As soon as I start working on one thing, everything else falls by the wayside. Sadly, the first thing to fall is my blog – and now I feel like I’m perpetually playing catch-up with it.

I know I always say it, but I’m going to try to do better. I’ve been brainstorming some new features – because I get the feeling that if I did anything besides memes and reviews I’d be a lot more excited to share new posts with you guys – and am going to try to re-prioritize my time a bit. (And that means quit being lazy!) (For example, I wanted this up on Thursday and here it is at Friday – almost 10 – and I’m only just getting it worked on.)

The good news is that in the past week I’ve probably close to doubled the amount of books I read this entire month. (There’s something to be said about reading what I want to, when I want to instead of trying to force something down that isn’t what I want to read.)

Favorite Books of the Month



Other Books I Read this Month




(I do have plans for some of these books to be reviewed here next month, but I’ve not actually written up any of the reviews yet so… We’ll see if it actually happens.)

What I’ve Been Watching

If you follow me and remember my comments here last month, I said I was close to finishing several shows. And, let me tell you, I got a lot finished this month.

The Flash season 3: … Didn’t really like it. Much. At all. Seriously, I’m not saying the first two seasons of this show wasn’t flawed, because they were, but I could overlook my problems because it was fun. Season three wasn’t any fun as a whole. I mean, the major plot for the later 2/3 was incredibly depressing and their treatment of the girls of Team Flash was sexist and pretty terrible. And I liked the Barry Allen of seasons one and two. Now I kind of hate him. Very undetermined if I’ll even watch season four.

Shadowhunters season 2: Finally got it finished. I’d been putting off the second half of season two for about three months because everything was good – and I knew that 2b would be at least as dramatic as the previous half season and I just didn’t have the energy for that. But, I do like the show. It’s mostly fun – and, even though I know they’re different, the show has encouraged me to finished the book series. (Excited for season three, but I’m going to wait until it’s complete because I totally binge watch this show. Like ten episodes in three/four days.)

Blood Ties season 1: I’ve not read the book series yet, but once I watch season two, I plan on reading the books. I got stuck early on with this show because while I adore the main woman, the two men are problematic. (And I’m just hoping they’re not as bad in the books.) And, in fact, I strongly dislike one of them, even though he slowly started improving before the end of the show. (Vicki is awesome though! Totally worth sitting through the men.)

The Shannara Chronicles season 1: I have mixed feelings about the show – mostly because I wanted an Amberle/Eretria romance, or even an Amberle/Eretria/Wil romance and I’m probably not getting that. On the other hand, I’ve heard that there’s some good LGBT+ representation in season two so I’ll probably be continuing it.

Power Rangers Megaforce: I liked the rangers, but this was a super boring season. I mean, bleh. I saw the trailers for it and thought it’d be cool and I was excited for more after finishing the awesomeness that was Dino Charge. But this season was just so boring.

Glee season 3: There’s really not a lot more I can say about Glee that I’ve not already. The show is flawed (and a little melodramatic for me at times) but I do have fun with it more often than not and the music is usually good. On a side note, Finn has finally shown signs of growing up and is much less of a slug than he was in the first two seasons. (So that now means that Will is all alone at the bottom of the list, holding the slot of characters that I can’t stand quite nicely all on his own. I mean, I was really hoping he’d get called on his ‘winning is all that matters’ & ‘we’ll do anything to win’ mentality of the season, but the only time anyone came even close was one brief moment with Artie. Not to even go into his biases towards his kids. Truly, it’s been a long time since I’ve hated a live action show character as much as I hate this one.)

Now on to movies.

I watched Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (the first in a multi-movie epic fantasy series) and could have loved it. I mean, so much of it felt like fantasy games, covering some of the tropes from tabletop games as well as computer rpgs. I just had two problems – one a lot bigger than the other. The first was the main girl’s treatment. She’s a slave and during the first twenty minutes or so of the movie, she’s verbally assaulted, beaten and threatened twice with rape. I could almost forgive all this, because she shows a strength, and I have the feeling the series would build her up over the course of the movies and turn her into a hero. I could get behind that if it was a case of: she used to be a slave, now she’s the national hero/queen/whatever. But, there’s this guy. He’s supposed to be the rogue, the scallywag, the good natured flirt. When she first meets him, he gropes her. Later on in the story, she turns to walk away from him and he grabs her and forces a kiss on her. Apparently, he’s supposed to be the love interest for her. Pass.

I watched Miracle with Kurt Russell – though technically I could say I rewatched it, because I did see it. Once. Over ten years ago. And remembered less that the information on the back of the case. Anyway, it was fun. I love hockey and there are nowhere enough hockey movies out there.

I watched Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. I’m not going to say I disliked it – because I didn’t – but I don’t understand what the point of it was. (Besides massive, rampant death.) The position they’re in at the end of the movie is barely different than where they were at the beginning. In fact, it could be argued (and I would) that their position was better at the beginning than at the end. So, yeah, what was the point of it? (It is based on a book series, so I can only assume they’d hoped to get a sequel and continue the story like I’m assuming the books do. But, really.)

In other, related, news, I’ve finally signed up for a Netflix account. With my one month free trial, I’m trying a lot of shows I’ve been interested in that they have. I think, if I keep the account, it’ll fairly drastically change how I buy DVD’s as it’ll be more favorite shows/shows I’ll rewatch, and less whatever sounds good. (Way too many times I’ve DNF’d seasons of shows I’ve bought on DVD, so this should also help me save money.)

How was your March? Are you looking forward to spring? (I would be if I hadn’t already stared sneezing like crazy as my allergies make my life miserable for awhile.)


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