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When meeting with friends, do your discussions usually turn to books?

lol, No. Why do you think I started a book blog. Sure, I’ve had friends go I think I read that book – and then find out a little more about the book and be all oh, I guess not. The only people I can ever talk books with in person is my family and…well.

My sister used to pick at the books I read because ‘the covers look creepy and I wouldn’t read a book with that cover’ or she misread a title (it was The Last Camel Died at Noon – not The Last Camel Died at the Moon) and, even after being corrected, ooh, it’s too weird. Or basically go, I don’t like those kind of books, they’re too boring. Considering that when my mom and I used to go to the library at least once a week and my sister would as our mom to pick up books for her to read, they were always bodice rippers/harlequins, (and I hated going down that isle in the library) it’s really not a surprise we could never really talk books. (And I’ve not spoken to her in four years, so who knows what she reads anymore.)

My dad reads westerns. I don’t remember the last time I saw him reading anything other than a western. And I’ve read one western in my life and didn’t like it. (I thought it would be awesome because the group of ‘heroes’ was a theater troop full of crooks. It wasn’t cool, but incredibly boring.)

My brother actually used the read a lot, and we’d loan books back and forth and talk about them. (This was back in the days of D&D.) Then, and this is totally my fault, I introduced him to anime. Now, for the past 8-10 years, that’s all he’s really wanted to talk about/been interested in. It wasn’t so bad when I watched as much anime as he did, but I’ve discovered a lot of problems with anime and struggle to enjoy much of it, and he still adores so much of it. (And I think my reading tastes changed too much for him and, besides re-reading those D&D books he bought, about the only thing I know he reads is westerns he borrows from our dad.)

The only person that borrows books from me ever anymore is my mom. But while she has read fantasy and sci-fi books, I think they have too much excitement for her (which is why she doesn’t borrow many movies from me, which is a whole other subject). She does occasionally borrow mystery books from me, but I don’t read much of them anymore so I buy few. Left to her own devices, she usually reads christian books, amish books or mystery novels. Two of which I don’t read much anymore and one of which I never did. Besides, even on the occasions when we actually read the same book, she doesn’t get excited about the book/characters/any of it. I’m over there rattling on about this and that and how awesome this is and what that might have meant and, I swear, her eyes glaze over. So I’ve learnt to temper my excitement and just ask if she liked it. (And usually get the ultimate mom answer of ‘it was good.’)

And there you have a very lengthy, very wordy breakdown of why, exactly, I had to start a book blog. Because, seriously, you guys get it!


One thought on “The IRL Struggles of a Book Reader

  1. Oh, DO I GET IT!!! No one in my family is a reader- my sister used to read but then she married and she hardly has time for herself anymore, what with my niece and nephew and all. My childhood best friend was one of the reasons I became a reader, though, but since we fell apart we haven’t been talking much at all, much less about book xD There’s no one else that I know of, like, really well, that reads for leisure so whatever I talk about books, it’s with the bookish community here, and I’m so glad I have y’all!!! ❤

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