First of all, I just want to thank everyone for being so patient with me this month. I caught a bug towards the beginning of the month and was pretty much wiped out for a week and a half. (I did little more than read fan fiction.) Then, the next two weeks or so was spent trying to catch up on everything.

Seriously, there was so much stuff I had to do and then there were all my e-mails – and the less said about the ones I actually had to do something about (like, you know, reply to) the better. Then I was scrambling a little to get posts lined up for March. I am super sorry about the review or two I promised for this month that I didn’t get up. They will be up in March! (I’ve already got them scheduled!)

So all those wonderful plans I had for this month on the blog? Yeah, didn’t happen. In fact, This is the only post this month that hadn’t been scheduled back in January. (Thank goodness for scheduling.) And, I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that I didn’t come even close to completing my TBR for the month. (Which is beyond disappointing after how well I did in January.) I am going to carry over the unread books from my February TBR to my March TBR – which means I’ll be trying to read nine books next month. The good news there is that I’ve already started a couple of them.

Beyond all that, I tried to keep up with the Winter Olympics and totally failed at that, too. (We won’t even talk about the fact that I completely missed the last Winter Olympics and was left going, who are most of these people?)

So, with all the not so great this month, it was also my birthday. (Like, where did that come from? lol) At least it was at the end of the month, after I’d recovered mostly, even though I didn’t go anything. (Got some great looking stuff from my mom, though. Even if she did need a wishlist to help her out. And then I turned around and ordered the books that were on my list that she didn’t buy me. So, yay! Birthday gifts to myself.)

What I’ve Been Reading




Rory, the Sleeper review coming in March!

(So, Fearless and Will were both short stories, Simon and Soldier’s Scoundrel were re-reads and Midnighter & Apollo was a comic book. All in all, I didn’t get much read this month.)

What I’ve Been Listening To

Mostly because for all month I’ve had this CD in my alarm clock and while I usually try to rotate the songs, this one has been played at least two-thirds of the mornings this month to wake me up.

While I do have mixed feelings on the covers from Glee, this ‘original Glee’ song has definitely been one of the high points for me so far. (And I hear that it gets a reprisal in season five which is all kinds of awesome.)

What I’ve Been Watching

Err… Yeah, I mean, I’ve been watching stuff, but I’ve not actually finished anything this month. The good news is that I’m super close with several shows, so I should be finishing a bunch of stuff next month and getting them cleared out. (And then get to start new shows!)

How’s everyone else’s February went? Do you guys realize that Spring starts next month? I can hardly believe it!


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