Well, we’ve made it through the first month of 2018. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier about how much I’ve gotten read this month. Besides these books, there have been a few DNF’s already – mostly books I had no business even trying to read in the first place because, if I’d done my proper research, I’d have realized they most definitely weren’t for me. The other DNF was a disappointment, because it was a book that’s loved and I thought that there was surely no way I wouldn’t like it. But, we’re not here to talk about the disappointments, but the books I finished and how over all good my reading was this month.

Favorite Books I’ve Read This Month


Hexslayer review here!


Romancing the Werewolf review to come next month!


Other Books I’ve Read This Month



Siege of Shadows review here!


Romancing the Inventor review to come next month!

Scoundrel review to come next month!

All in all, I did pretty well picking books for the month. And, yes, I am currently in the process of binge reading the Offbeat Crimes series by Angel Martinez because it is awesome! I’ve read four of the six so far and, as I’m typing this, am in the middle of the fifth. (Kind of thinking about doing a series review for the whole thing. Anyone interested?)

What I’ve Been Listening To

Okay, like, seriously, I’ve been listening to this song like crazy since I first heard it because it’s the new release of my favorite band. (And I’ve heard that their new album is supposed to release sometime in the first half of the the year.) (Definitely not my favorite song of theirs, but I usually like the non-singles more than the singles anyway. With, of course, the exception of Diary of Jane. Because we all love that song.)

This is not their new song – but in my quest to buy all their CD’s, I finally got around to this one and I’m pretty sure I’ve found my favorite song of theirs. (Either this one, or Feel Again at least.)

What I’ve Been Watching

So, I might have a small problem. Tiny really, but you see, I mentioned last month that I finally started watching Glee – and that the show isn’t perfect but it’s very addictive. Well, I watched all 22 season two episodes in five days. … No, I’m serious. I don’t do that. I mean, with my favorite shows, I don’t let myself watch four/five episodes a day. (Limiting it to two, maybe three.) This show is still terribly flawed, but is usually fun. And the music has a decent shot of being awesome. (Sometimes it just bores me to death, though.)

I also watched season three of The Librarians and I still love the show. I am so thrilled that finally, after two seasons plus of hints, we get an on screen same sex kiss. (Sure, the romance was probably a one-off – and that’s okay – and we might never see her again, but, finally! At least they quit with the hinting and the teasing. (Other shows, take note!))

Season two of the Legends of Tomorrow has also been watched. Honestly, I love that show. Every time I think The Flash or Supergirl will become my favorite superhero show, I watch this one and the other one is promptly overthrown. While there are a few disappointments – and I really prefer the cast from season one to the new additions in season two – it’s consistently fun. And this season gave me one of my favorite episodes of TV I’ve seen in quite a while.

Beyond that, I’ve been watching a little of this and a little of that and trying to get through a couple of anime’s that I borrowed from my brother.

How was your January?


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