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Do you ever go back to older posts and change things?

Succinct question this week. If my answer need be as succinct:

I know I don’t edit my posts (and proofread them) as comprehensively as a lot of other bloggers do. I’ll hear them talking about needing to finish up a post, and I’ll be like ‘give me fifteen minutes and it’s done, start to finish.’ While this does mean that on a good day, I can get a full week’s worth of posts scheduled, it also means that my posts will never look as polished an other blogger’s. (Yes, this is related to the question, just wait.)

Now, for me, I’m kind of a stream of consciousness writer (even while writing fiction) and if I edit too much, if I constantly go over the post, it will soon quit sounding like me. I always heard talk about bloggers not finding their voice, but I never had that problem. When I write, you get the best of me and the worst of me and, pretty much, what I’m like if you’d talk to me in person. (BTW: I detest small talk, and I think that’s apparent in my blogging life.)

I’m also the sort that, once a post is scheduled, I never think about it again. Sure, I might have to refresh my memory of what, exactly, I said, when replying to comments, but I don’t think about writing it because, for me, once I press that publish button, my post is out in the world alone. (Or with all the other blog posts that I pushed out of the nest.)

Now, there are a few exceptions that I will admit to. The first one is if I really messed up in grammar or spelling. I’ve done this a few times because my mistake was just embarrassing, but it’s something I try not to do because I tend to not mind the warts. The other exception that I might be willing to make – because I don’t think I’ve made it as yet – is if I disagree with something I posted. Say I loved a book and now I hate it, or I took a stand on one side of an issue and now fall on the other. However, in that case, I think I’d be more willing to make a whole new post with my thoughts now and probably linking it to my old post so you guys could see how/why my opinion had changed.

Do you ever go back and edit old posts?


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