Hosted by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl. I’m terrible at these posts. I mean, I can come up with goals – but I so seldom actually fulfill the goals I’ve set for myself. Urgh. Anyway, this is the first week for TTT since the move, and I like the sounds of the upcoming topics a lot.

2018 Challenges

I have one for diversity in spec fiction, as well as my usual’s in completing series and reading chunky books. I hope to do better than last year, but I don’t have any really set goals.

Schedule More

I learnt the hard way last year that I am not one of those bloggers than can prepare a post for the next day. I need to schedule post if I want to have much at all on my blog. And, related…

Post More

Honestly, I feel like I’ve not been doing so well since I started this blog. I want to get three posts a week up. If I can manage four, that’ll be great, but I’d just be happy with three and I’ve not really been doing so well there.

Socialize More

This is the thing I’m worst at when it comes to blogging. I just have a terrible time visiting others blogs and commenting on them and, even, replying to my own comments. I want to get better, but it’s a slow road for me. (more, more, more, lol)

Read Books

I’m not going to say ‘read more’ because I think I did killer in 2017. I passed my goal of 104 books and had a blast. I’m not even going to say ‘read better books’ because I’ve learnt how to pull the plug on a DNF and move on. Instead I’ll just say ‘read’. In 2017, I had a two month plus long hiatus from blogging and in that time I didn’t actually read books. (I read fanfic because that’s what I wanted to read.) So, not having any (book) reading slumps this year is a total goal.

And More Diverse Books

I’m always saying I want more diverse books and lately I’ve been doing a pretty good job finding them. That’s not to say that I’ll always like the book, but it does make an already good book jump that bit higher in my estimation. (Course, it can also backfire and if the diversity is poorly represented make me hate a book I might have liked otherwise. But, yeah.)

Find Some Balance

I don’t have a busy life. Not really. I’m a homebody that works and goes home. But, the fact is that between exercise, TV/books and blogging, (and everything that goes with it) I sometimes feel that one needs to go to make time for the others. That being said, I have been trying the past month or so to actually balance things out and I think I’m getting there. I just hope I can. 🙂


Not terribly related to my blogging or bookish life, but I have been dabbling at writing stuff for years and this year I want to actually get something finished. The only problem there is I don’t know what I want to write. I mean, I’ve got a series of fantasy/romance shorts I’m working on, as well as a diversity laden superhero story, (that will probably take even more Research than I’ve already done) and a worldbuilding heavy fantasy story and, finally, the nebulous idea for a romance fantasy novella. And whenever I sit down to one, I want to work on a different one. Hopefully I’ll get stuff straightened out before much longer and get something written this year.

What goals/resolutions do you have?

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Goals

  1. I love scheduling ahead, and hope I get better at it lol. And good luck with your writing! I also have some writing goals I want to meet but it can be hard to narrow down what to work on at times, I agree.

    Great list!


    1. I used to be really good at scheduling posts ahead of time and then something happened and I discovered the hard way (not having ANYTHING ready to post) that I have to schedule if I expect to get anything posted. Yeah, it seems like my biggest challenge in writing anything is that as soon as I start working on one of my projects, I get distracted by a different one.


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