Well, I’ve been lazy this month. No, I mean like really lazy. It was fun though, not stressing about stuff and relaxing. I do hope that I’ll get properly back into the swing of things for the new year, so here’s to hoping. (And you guys might have noticed that I was a little absent for awhile. I was still posting stuff, but not as much and I’m hoping that January will get me back moving. It would be great to start a new year well.) What’s really great is getting two three day weekends back to back because I desperately needed to recharge my batteries. (The sad thing is that unless we get some snow days, I’ll have to wait until May for another three day weekend.)

In other news (lol) the first couple of weeks of the month was rather hectic. First, when I was riding home with my mom from work, one of the tires on her suv blew out. Luckily no one was hurt and she was able to steer off to the side of the road without causing an accident. Unfortunately, even after she called my brother, it was too dark to change the tire (it was like six at night) and she wound up having to drive the four miles to home on gravel roads with a totally flat tire. (Things were kind of busy the next morning and, as she really needed new tires anyway, she decided to buy all new ones. The vehicle rides soo much smoother now.)

Then, this month was also my eye-exam month and after getting poked and prodded (or, rather, all those drops in my eyes and bright lights shone in there) I’m out for at least a day. No blogging, no checking e-mails, very little reading even for several hours until my vision straightens up. (It’s always disturbing when after my eye exam I can read better without my glasses than with them.) The good news there is that I have an amazing doctor and his staff are great so while it’s a little stressful, I genuinely like the people there. (Also my prescription only had to be tweaked a little and that didn’t surprise me.)

As far as reading is concerned… I think I could have done better. For weeks (okay, at least a week) I was stuck on a book I was really loving and just couldn’t get the time/desire to read it. I mean, while I was reading I was going ‘this’ll be five stars, I bet’ but I just couldn’t get moving.

I blame that on me practically binge watching a couple of shows. But, first we talk about books.

Favorite Book/s of the Month


Other Books of the Month



What I’ve Been Listening To

Not that it’s a new song, but I’m kind of totally obsessed with it right now.

And is there a single song of theirs I don’t love? (A clue: no.) (lol and I didn’t even catch on to the vocalist change until I watched the video.)

What I’ve Been Watching

Honestly, for this month it’s almost a better question as to what I’ve not been watching. Let’s see…

I finished Power Rangers Samurai and was actually more impressed than I thought I’d be. I probably need to re-watch Super Samurai now, because I saw it ages ago without seeing the first series and … pretty much can’t remember anything. Except Lauren. I finally finished season 2 of Arrow. I admit to being a fan of DC’s shows, but I like the other three more than this one. (I mean, I love Felicity, and Diggle and Thea are both awesome and I have an attachment to Roy, but Oliver himself is…bleh.)

Speaking of, Supergirl! I put off watching this show because I have never been a fan of Superman and I figured I probably wouldn’t care for this show much. But it’s a girl superhero. And I heard about a totally cute f/f romance (which sadly isn’t in season one). So I gave season one a go and then nine days later I was looking at buying season 2. This show has a pretty good chance to knock Legends of Tomorrow out of the top slot for my superhero shows. (Then again, whatever superhero show I’m currently watching – except Arrow – is always my favorite.) At least Supergirl will be competition, especially if the rumors are right that Jimmy (‘scuse me,) James Olsen is kind of ignored. Because, seriously, I can’t stand him.

I also finally watched Glee. Considering how much I love musicals (old ones with people like Doris Day and the new Disney ones) it was really no surprise that I had fun with this show. It’s not spectacular or anything, but the music is usually fun and that was the main reason I gave it a go. (Well, that and the diversity. Even if they totally drop the ball on it. Like, a lot.)

How was your December? Are you looking forward to starting a whole new year? (Seriously, where has 2017 went?)


2 thoughts on “December Wrap Up

  1. December was a LAZY month for me too lol. I felt unproductive and tired throughout the whole month, I’m just so ready for 2018! Glad to hear you and your mom are okay, sudden accidents like that are pretty scary! And glad to know your eye exams went well. Terminal alliance looks and sounds awesome, I’m adding that to my TBR and I’ve been meaning to check out The Drowning eyes. Also the tagline for Spirit’s end has me incredibly intrigued–I love anything that has to do with thieves!


    1. Yes, and, so far, 2018 has been off to a really good start for me. (I’ve already read over half as much as I did the entirety of last month. lol) Thank you, things could have definitely been a lot worse than they were. Terminal Alliance is awesome book, and I highly recommend it. Drowning Eyes didn’t really work for me, but it’s a popular book so it might for you. And if you love thieves – I do too 🙂 – the Eli Monpress series is good and you might give the Rogues of the Republic series by Patrick Weekes (first book: The Palace Job) a look (if you don’t already know about it) because it’s a really fun series.


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