This month has been very uneventful and I think it’s left me with an early case of the winter blahs. November is usually kind of a blah month for me, anyway. It’s usually the start of chilly weather (though we have been unseasonably warm this year) and we’re winding down to the end of the year. Besides, it’s got Thanksgiving and this year I was left with a three-day headache for having to deal with my family more than usual.

The good news is Christmas (which I don’t celebrate) and New Years Day (which I don’t do anything special for) both fall on Monday’s this year – which means I get two long weekends back-to-back. Hopefully that’ll recharge my batteries and help me get over this blah-ness.

Something that’s really cool is that every book I finished this month fits on the LGBT+ spectrum somewhere. I didn’t even plan that, but I am soo happy because I’ve been looking for more books that have LGBT+ diversity.

Favorite Book of the Month


Other Books of the Month




What I’ve Been Listening To

Well, I didn’t purposefully choose two songs that are polar opposites – these are just my newest obsessions.

What I’ve Been Watching

I wrapped up my watching of Power Rangers Dino Charge/Super Dino Charge and I have found the first Power Rangers show to give Jungle Fury even the slightest competition as my favorite. (So that was good.) I finally got around to watching season one of Shadowhunters. LOL I know I’m terribly behind but, considering I watched the entire season in, like, five days, I’ll be able to catch up in no time. (Okay, the show isn’t perfect, but it is very fun and totally addictive. And…I plan to watch season 2 over Christmas/New Years.)

I’m definitely looking forward to December (hello, three-day weekends!). How was your November?


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