Hosted at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Love the prompt this week!

What’s your immediate feeling when entering a bookstore, as compared to how you feel when entering a department store?

I don’t get to go to bookstores very often, but bookstores have such an almost calming affect on me. With department stores – or any other store, really – it’s like I walk in the doors, a list in my head (or hand) and I know what I want and what I’m buying and there’s little looking or shopping. I walk into a bookstore though and it’s like I don’t even have a list. Sure, there’s probably a couple specific books/authors I’m looking for, but once I do that, I just drift around. I’ll start at the fantasy, then move to the sci-fi, then over to the YA. Then just kind of meander (travel books, comics, romance, mystery, UF, MG, pretty much all of it) until I’ve wasted ages and my family is probably getting impatient. Because, seriously, if it was up to me, I could spend a day in a bookstore and not mind in the slightest. (Especially if it was one of those that had a coffee shop/cafe attached. Food and books, the loves of my life.)

How do your feelings change from a bookstore to a department store?


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