Hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke and the Bookish. Anyone else flummoxed it’s almost Thanksgiving? I mean, beyond that, it’s almost the end of the year. A bit more than a month and this year will be over. And I’m left going: what have I actually done this year but then I think about all the books I’ve read and suddenly it makes sense. (This will so totally not be ten because I just can’t and I’ve run out of time to get this thing posted.)

Bookmarks – Especially of the Free Variety

I have a habit of loosing my bookmarks to only find them a few months later because I left them in a book and forgot. I’ll finish a book and not be where I usually keep my bookmarks and just leave it in the book; or I’ll mean to start a book but not, so the bookmark is still in the front of the book; or I actually do start the book but get distracted and forget I left a bookmark in it. So, it’s always nice to have a few extra bookmarks than I think I’ll need.

eBooks & My Kindle

I’ll admit, I kind of fought tooth and nail before breaking down and buying my kindle a couple years ago. Even then, the only reason I did was because of a couple authors whose books I love that had some stories out I couldn’t get any other way. Even now, I’m more likely to buy a physical copy of a book than the eBook, but for pure convenience, nothing can beat eBooks. Also, they are a real benefit to the indie authors as well as the LGBT+ romances. (And, strangely, I tend to read eBooks quicker than physical copies.)

Bookish Nail Art

I never thought I’d really be into this sort of thing. I hadn’t worn nail polish for years and then I finally found a company without all the nasty chemicals (can you believe most nail polish has embalming fluid in it? And you wonder why your nails are always yellow after you paint them!) and couldn’t wait to start painting my nails again. I have a rapidly growing supply and plans to start sharing my own nail art with you guys before much longer! (Want to know which brand I use? Here it is: Ella+Mila.)


Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a bookish thing and maybe fanfiction gets kind of a bad rap, but I have fun with it. And, really, you can find some amazingly well written pieces out there – I mean, BETTER than some published books I’ve read. (Conversely, you can find some that are utter rubbish, but, still.) While there are several different websites – some devoted to a single fandom and others that are a huge mix – my favorite is archive of our own.

We Need Diverse Books

And all the people that tirelessly work directly for them, all the bloggers that make their voices heard and the wonderful authors that are listening to us. Because, just by looking at the recent and upcoming YA releases (sadly, the adult books are falling behind) and you can tell that the authors are listening and I think that’s wonderful! (And you know, I think I need to give a shout-out to the publishers that are backing this effort, too.)


Seriously, these things are so fun to do and see other peoples posts of. Besides, as a notoriously unoriginal/lazy person that can’t come up with her own ideas, these things give awesome starting points for posts!

The Bookish Community

Just in general, you know. I mean, you guys are the best and so welcoming and understanding of me and all my foibles. (And, trust me, you get the unfiltered version of me the way no one else does. So, yeah. Thanks for that!)

What are you thankful for?

(And happy Thanksgiving, everyone!)

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