Is everyone excited for Halloween tomorrow? I know I sure am – even if I no longer can just go into the grocery store and buy candy. Nope, I’ve got a pair of delightful food allergies (gluten and dairy) that means I have to read labels super carefully unless I want to feel terrible. The good news is that I’ve gotten a bit inventive when it comes to making snacks. Earlier this month I made an experimental batch of caramel corn and I’ve been thinking I might tweak the recipe a bit and give it another go for Halloween. I also kind of want to try making my own carob peanut butter cups.

Besides that, I am definitely looking forward to just the atmosphere of Halloween because it is, after all, my favorite holiday.

My reading this month was really funny, because every time I sat down with a book after the first three reads of the month, I was thinking I’d found a book that I wouldn’t feel the desire to speed through. I thought I found that with one of my books and then, less than a day later, I had finished it. I guess that just demonstrates how awesome a lot of my reads were this month. Because they were.

Beyond that, well, my month hasn’t been so great. I mean, it was going wonderfully, then I got into another ‘discussion’ with my father about his belief (that he’ll say isn’t a belief because he’s right and anyone that disagrees with him is wrong) that ‘being queer is a sin because God’s against it’. (When it pertains to my father, ‘discussion’ always means ‘argument’ because he’s always right and he can’t handle anyone disagreeing with him.) I don’t know why he even wanted to start this, because he already had asked me if I thought same-sex marriage should be legal and I told him yes. (Of course, that caused another fit that he ended by proclaiming that he would ‘pray for me’. *rolls eyes* Really. Then he told my mom he didn’t understand what was wrong with me (to which she was as neutral as ever) and told my brother what I’d said – probably looking for support – but my brother wasn’t the slightest bit surprised because, even though we’d never directly talked about it, I’ve said plenty of stuff that would indicate my support.) So, it’s like he already knew my thoughts and just brought it up to argue about – which, knowing my father, wouldn’t surprise me because he likes to bait people and, while I can ignore him and pick my battles, this is one battle I can’t ignore.

*sigh* Sorry to unload like that – I usually try to keep any crap like that out of my blog – but I needed to just get it out because I felt sick after that ‘discussion’ and writing about it helped a bit. I know I probably don’t come across that way, but I hate confrontations – I’m no good at them and five minutes after it’s over I always come up with better arguments and then I beat myself up because I couldn’t make the point I wanted.

So, yeah, sorry about the sudden serious rant and now on to the books.

Favorite Reads of the Month




Hollow World review coming next month!

Other Reads of the Month



Watching & Listening

I kind of feel the same way about my shows/movies at times as I do my books. (How do I have so many? I’m never going to get through them all.) Anyway, this month I watched season five of Elementary. I simple adore the show, but I will admit that I’m a little frightened as to where season six is going. (Please don’t tell me. I don’t want/like spoilers and don’t get to watch it until it hits DVD.) I will have faith in the creative team, though, because they have never let me down so far. (Honestly, that creative team is awesome!)

I did get a couple movies watched this month – which was a couple less than I wanted to. (But I’ve been busy for the last two-three weeks replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition.) I watched the new Power Rangers movie which was super fun. I grew up on Power Rangers and still get such a kick out of watching the show, so it was nice to see it updated and made a little grittier. I was given a PG-13 rating, but I’m still confused as to who it was directed towards. The cast, I thought, were awesome, even if the characters were vastly changed from the originals. Which, truly, was for the best because now we have a diverse cast in so many ways: POC outnumber the white in the main cast, (4-1) there is a character on the autistic spectrum and a gay. All in all, highly recommended movie. The other movie I watched was Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and… I was actually a little disappointed in it. I mean, I love the first movie – my favorite Marvel movie so far – but the second one just didn’t work as well for me. Partially because there was more focus on the romance, that was absent in the first one, and the main story/location for the movie was just really trippy. It wasn’t bad, but not as awesome as the first one, in my opinion.

I don’t really know much of Alessia Cara’s work – just this song and Scars to your Beautiful – but after those two songs, I’ve really got to check out more of her work because I think she’s kind of awesome and though this isn’t my usual type of music, there is something so catchy about it.

I have loved Skillet’s music since the days of Hero, but this just might be my favorite song, ever, of theirs. Seriously, I have got to check out some of the fanmade videos because I’ve seen some for Suicide Squad and CA: Civil War. (Sadly, two movies I have yet to see, but shh.) It doesn’t help that this song is one of the theme songs for the book I’m currently working on. (The other is Believer by Imagine Dragons.)

And there’s a pretty decent wrap-up, for me doing most of it at the last minute. So if something’s wrong or misspelled, do forgive me. I’ll try not to wait until the very day my post goes live again. Hope you all had a great October and do tell me about your plans (completed or not) for Halloween!


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