Rose Point is the second in spacefaring (with aliens!) sci-fi series Her Instruments by M.C.A. Hogarth that started with Earthrise. Earthrise eBook is free on Amazon.

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Reese gave chase because she hadn’t yet pursued a woman in a fluffy gown and that was no doubt a necessary part of her role in this farce.

As the second book in the series, we pick up where the first book ended – with the lovely crew of the Earthrise searching for a trade (as they are a merchant cargo ship) that will help keep them from sliding back into the red. (And a vacation destination wouldn’t go amiss, either.)

This time, the search takes them to a planet that breeds horses. Unfortunately, they are also locked in a civil war and when one of their crew is taken by the rebels, it changes the course of all their lives.

Honestly, I did not see coming the way the story changed. I thought I had a pretty good idea from the first book what type of sci-fi series this would be – but I was wrong. The plot in the first book that seemed a one-off adventure story, actually plays hugely into the big picture.

The plot this time around is tighter, but even a parts of the first book that seemed irrelevant, is important in this book. I highly recommend you start with the first in the series, but I think you’d probably be about to catch up in this book if you didn’t. (Why wouldn’t you though, because the first one is free!)

For me, as well done as the plot is, there’s two things that makes this series wonderful. The first is the world building. The author does a brilliant job of creating alien races. I am so tired of sci-fi books that are basically ‘humans IN SPACE’ and that’s it. In this book would have humans, as well as those that they genetically manipulated. I’m not a geneticist, but I’d say they took animal DNA and crossed it with human, to get, basically, a human/animal hybrid. There are also ‘true aliens’ – those that the humans had no part in the creation of.

The second thing, and this ties in with the first, is the characters. I adore them, but more than that, I love that they are so diverse. There is a seven person crew to the ship, and only one of them is human: Reese, our black lady captain. Everyone else is a non-human. And this fills my need of aliens in my sci-fi so well. And, I do especially love Reese because she’s this tough woman that loves books and has a monthly romance novel subscription.

There is also a blooming romance that is quite delightful to read about – and this is one of the few cases where a relationship doesn’t start out in romance in a series that I am happy to see it headed that way because these two characters bring out the best in each other.


Content Advisory: There’s an attempted rape (male on male) where the target was drugged. He plays a part in rescuing himself and it is not forgotten. His being attacked both changes the story as well as causes him to have some PTSD. There is also a bit of violence, blood and injuries that are not graphically described. And someone with the ability to kill people with their mind.


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