I meant to get this post up a little sooner but better late than never, as they say. I wanted to talk about a feature of my blog that I’m very happy with and tell you what it means and why I’ve chosen to do this.

Content Advisory

This is a feature I’ve been thinking about for a long time, ever since the brief talk a few years ago about rating books like they do movies. First of all, I thought then that it was a bad idea to have books that were ‘rated PG-13 for violence’ and I still do. (Because I’m just against enforcing something like that.)

However, I do like the idea of a sort of ‘content’ list – which is where my Content Advisory at the bottom of each of my reviews comes from. You see, there’s plenty of times I’ve looked at a book and wondered: How gory is it? Are there explicit sex scenes? What about trigger warnings?

These are things I’d like to know before deciding to buy/read a book. Sometimes reviews talk about the content, but other times I’ve read a book that has something I’d consider iffy and I’ve never found a review that talks about it.

Now, as of writing this post, I have found a couple of websites (links at the bottom) that are all about doing this (and were definitely less helpful than I expected). For me, it’s nice to know what I’m getting in to – at least to a degree – with a book.

I admit, what I would love, is if books had little notes on their back cover – or, perhaps, on the inside of the cover – on things that might be worrisome. Say, for example, a book has graphic violence, or explicit sex. That would be noted, but there wouldn’t be a ‘recommended for ages 15+’ on it. We’d get the benefit of knowing if something would be bothersome, without any added policing about the ages.


What do you think of content advisories? Would you like to see books get them, or do you prefer not knowing that sort of stuff before hand? Or would you rather rely on reviews? I’d love to know what you think!

Links: (as promised)
Compass Book Ratings
Rated Reads


3 thoughts on “Content Advisory: What It Is & Why I Have It On My Reviews

    1. Thanks! This is something that’s actually pretty important to me because, while I don’t have a lot of stuff that will stop me from reading a book, sometimes I just don’t want a book with ANY heavy issues. And I know there are a lot of people that, besides trigger warnings, would want to know certain other things. (I’ve always found the information on why movies/shows/games are rated what they are more telling if I’d want it than the actual age rating, anyway.)

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      1. And sometimes people want a light fluffy book and not one packed with heavy or sadder issues. 🙂
        Totally read the reasons something is rated a certain way and not just the rating too, especially since the rating itself seems to change meaning all the time.

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