I think I’ve done pretty well for my first month back blogging. I still have a few kinks left to iron out (though I think I might be mixing metaphors) – I’d especially like to get one more post up every couple of weeks or so. I’m just not sure yet what kind of post I want to do.

Even for all that, though, I’m glad this month is over. This month, my allergies have been going crazy because where I live, the ragweed has been in full bloom. I try not to take a lot of allergy medication, so I’ve been taking a lot more this month than I’m happy with. The good news is that usually my allergies relax a little in October and I am so happy winter is on the way where everything will be dead!

I managed to get a lot of reading done this month, and for the first time since my blogging hiatus and my book slump, I have actually gotten ahead of my reading challenge. This was mostly because I finished five books over the long Labor Day weekend. (Of those five, I actually started and finished three between Friday and Monday!) Also, I’ve read the most pages this month so far this year, which is kind of awesome in and of itself!

And, beyond that, most of the books I read this month were really good – something I desperately needed after some of the disappointing books I read at the end of last month. (Clicking on the book should take you to the Goodreads page.)

Favorite Reads of the Month




(Review of Rose Point to come to my blog next month!)

Other Reads of the Month




(Upcoming review for Alice, the Player!)

Watching & Listening To


RWBY. Seriously, I don’t know what took me so long to get interested in this show, but it is awesome. I love the plot and the girls are so awesome. And the music… The song up there is the full opening for season one and the song down here is the full opening for season two and I did something I seldom do anymore and that is love an opening song enough to search it out on youtube. (And buy on iTunes. Available on iTunes, by the way. Buy it/them.)



Besides that, I’ve kind of been mooching around, not watching much of anything. (Reading a lot in the evenings or working on my replaythrough of the complete Dragon Age series.) I did wrap up my marathon rewatch of the complete Legend of Korra series – partially for the release of Turf Wars, but also paying attention to certain romance hints that I totally missed the first time. Of course, I usually have to have romance hit me upside the head to see it, but, yeah, the hints are there. (And I kind of thought they were the first time around, too, but I also figured I was just seeing what I wanted to see.)

I also watched a couple movies this month. I worked on getting caught up on my Marvel movies by watching Deadpool, which was kind of hilarious, and Descendants 2, which was kind of what I’d wanted the third book to be.

I’m really looking forward to October and I hope everyone had a great September!


4 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. That reminds me I need to see if the new season of RWBY is out! It’s such a fun show, right?

    The cover of Karneval is gorgeous so now I need to look it up since I have no idea what it is!

    Congrats on your return to blogging – looks like you’ve had a good reading month!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is. Right now I’m up to starting season 4 and it has been so awesome. Karneval is great, probably one of my favorite mangas – and definitely in the five of my favorite anime. (Of course, the manga is past where the anime ended and the story just keeps getting better.) I did, and thanks so much!


    1. Thank you! Yeah, some months I just don’t read as much or pick my books as well as I did for September, so I understand. Definitely some great fantasy (and sci-fi) reads. That was my first Patton book and it turned out really well so I have high hopes for more. Have you ever read Michael J. Sullivan? Even though I didn’t love Age of Swords as much as his other books, he’s one of my favorite authors and writes some really fun fantasy. Hope reading works better for you in October!


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