So, I’d been giving some thought to what I could blog about to let new visitors get to know my taste in books and what I’m liking/what I’m not and then I remembered a post similar to this that I did last year. (If you like to see how this list changed from the last one, the page can be found here.)

Format of the list
Title of First Book – Author [how many books I’ve read/in the series]

Up to Date

Prudence – Gail Carriger [2/2]
Rebel Mechanics – Shanna Swendson [3/3]
Breakaway – Avon Gale [5/5]
Timekeeper – Tara Sim [1/1]
The Road to Silver Plume – Tamara Allen [1/1]
Daybreak Rising – Kiran Olvier [1/1]
Effigies – Sarah Raughley [1/1]
The Isle of the Lost – Melissa de la Cruz [3/3]
Age of Myth – Michael J. Sullivan [2/2]

High-Priority (AKA: The Series I Need to Finish)

The Cloud Roads – Martha Wells [3/5]
An Accident of Stars – Foz Meadows [1/2]
Earthrise – M.C.A. Hogarth [2/4]
Ella, the Slayer – A.W. Exley [2/3]
Mechanica – Betsy Cornwell [1/2]
The Spirit Thief – Rachel Aaron [3/5]
The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski [1/3]
The High King’s Golden Tongue – Megan Derr [1/4]
Status Update – Annabeth Albert [1/3]
The Stone Prince – Fiona Patton [1/5]

Medium-Priority (AKA: When I Get To Them)

Warrior – Zoe Archer [1/4]
Valor’s Choice – Tanya Huff [4/5]
Falling Kingdoms – Morgan Rhodes [4/5]
Libriomancer – Jim C. Hines [1/4] (Pulled off my ‘Abandoned’ shelf)

Low-Priority (AKA: I’m Not Ready To Say ‘Abandoned’)

Warrior Mage – Lindsay Buroker [1/2]
Mercenary Instinct – Ruby Lionsdrake [5/6]
Luck in the Shadows – Lynn Flewelling [2/7]
The Emperor’s Edge – Lindsay Buroker [8/9]
Balanced on the Blade’s Edge – Lindsay Buroker [1/7]
Radiance – Grace Draven [1/2]
City of Bones – Cassandra Claire [1/6] (Pulled off my ‘Abandoned’ shelf)

Abandoned (AKA: Won’t Read)

Romancing the Duke – Tessa Dare [2/4]
Double-Booked for Death – Ali Brandon [2/6]
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams [1/6]
The Backup Boyfriend – River Jaymes [1/3]
Rescued – Felice Stevens [1/2]
Omega City – Diana Peterfreund [1/2]
The Rithmatist – Brandon Sanderson [1/1]
Wrapped – Jennifer Bradbury [1/1]
Air Awakens – Elise Kova [2/5]
Ink and Bone – Rachel Caine [1/2]
Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor [2/3]
Sunbolt – Intisar Khanani [1/2]

(These are only the series I’ve abandoned since last November. I’ve got a list at that link at the top of the page of all the series I’ve abandoned since I started blogging. Also, these have been rounded down. If I DNF’d a book in the series, I counted the last book I finished.)

I also have a reading challenge update coming at the end of the month and you’ll get to see what series’ I’ve finished this year in it.


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